Xvivo System® model X2 — Cytocentric® by Design
The 21st Century GMP Quality Platform for processing and producing clinical grade cells.

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About Us

Born in the lab, constantly innovating for the needs of cells…


Over 30 years ago, our founder created the first device to control oxygen levels in an incubator, pioneering the science of optimal biosphere control for in vitro experimentation and cell culture processes. This innovation created a more physiologic environment which produced healthier cells in culture.

Over the years, BioSpherix has worked with many cell researchers and scientists to uncover the benefits of culturing and processing cells in a physiologic environment. This led to the creation of the Xvivo System platform, allowing entire protocols to be conducted in an aseptic, uninterrupted and optimized way.

In 2014, BioSpherix Medical was established to accommodate the demand for a vast array of equipment for cell research and cell/gene therapies. The self-contained Xvivo GMP System is the first and only cytocentric platform for producing GMP compliant, clinical grade cell and gene therapies without the need to build and operate costly cleanroom facilities.

With a continually growing customer base, Xvivo Systems are currently operating in major facilities all over the world. Explore the many benefits our Xvivo GMP System platform offers for your cell and gene therapies as you move life-changing discoveries to the clinic.