Xvivo System® model X2 — Cytocentric® by Design
The 21st Century GMP Quality Platform for processing and producing clinical grade cells.

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What is a Quality Platform for Cells?

Cytocentric Principles™ are fundamental quality concepts for cells outside the body. Adopting and routinely practicing Cytocentric Principles™ always results in the best cells and the best data. Sometimes the difference is dramatic, sometimes it’s subtle, but it is always there.
The live cell industry has yet to widely embrace but is now starting to recognize these fundamental truths. Conventional practices, essentially unchanged in 50 years, disregard these principles, and compromise cell quality.  Conventional equipment, primarily designed for people instead of cells, is incapable of quality SOPs, always degrades genotypic and phenotypic integrity to some degree, and contributes to variability in cell populations.
BioSpherix’s Cytocentric Platform® is the first and only tool-set designed to enable anyone anywhere in the live cell industry to practice quality. It consists of a widely diverse, extremely modular, and comprehensive set of unconventional equipment and new SOPs designed specifically to meet the needs of cells…the essence of quality. The Xvivo System model X2 (Xvivo GMP System®) is the subset of our Cytocentric Platform® designed for processing and producing cells in compliance with regulatory GMPs. It’s the only part of our Platform featured on this website. For more on the rest of our platform go to (www.biospherix.com). For more on the Cytocentric Principles go to www.biospherix.com/cytocentric .

What is Xvivo System model X2 ?  


What is a Cytocentric Modular Closed Aseptic Containment Isolator?
Pharmaceutical Engineering, July-Aug 2018 p.40


•   Closed isolators (CI) are the highest rated equipment for aseptic processing.
•   Closed aseptic containment isolators (CACI) are the safest way to process cells associated biohazards such as virus, vectors, off-target gene edited cells, and pathogens in cells from diseased patients.
•   Modular closed aseptic containment isolators (MCACI) can be configured for any manual or automated process, large or small, simple or complex, and easily reconfigured or moved as necessary.
•   Cytocentric
® modular closed aseptic containment isolators (CMCACI) have the most comprehensive cell optimized process control available.
They produce cells with maximal phenotypic and genotypic integrity. They produce cell populations with minimal variability.
BioSpherix’s Xvivo System model X2 (Xvivo GMP System®) is the only Cytocentric® modular closed aseptic containment isolator proven worldwide.