Why are we different?

Cytocentric is a new and better way to grow and manipulate cells in vitro.  The term cytocentric is used to describe the unique approach taken when manufacturing our equipment. Instead of designing equipment with the needs of people in mind, our systems are designed based on cold hard science with all the indisputable components cells need to thrive:

Full time protection WIPFull time protection – When cells are outside the body they have no way of protecting themselves. By completely enclosing them in an aseptic micro-environment throughout their entire process in vitro, the risk of contamination from microbes is eliminated.

full time optimizationFull time optimization – Cells in vitro no longer have a host body providing all the necessary conditions in which the cells are used to living in (temperature, pH, O2, etc). An Xvivo System acts as a surrogate host by controlling all vital conditions at optimum levels.

Physiologic simulationPhysiologic Simulation – It is necessary for cell cultures in vitro to have the same physiologic conditions as they would in vivo. For example, oxygen is now known to be a fundamental cell parameter since cells in the body never see oxygen levels as high as room air. Unlike most conventional equipment, the Xvivo System can control to extreme levels, as low as 0.1%, all while maintaining pericellular concentrations without fluctuation.

dynamicDynamics – Cells are not static, their metabolic rate changes as they grow over time. The Xvivo System is the only incubation system with dynamic control options for all variables. For example, in a typical expansion protocol you can easily program the system to increase the oxygen and decrease the CO2 levels over time – improving cell yield.

protocol gif WIPProtocol – Different cell culture protocols require different conditions. The Xvivo System is designed to accommodate any and all protocols, large or small, simple or complex. One set of cultures can have a different set of conditions than another set of cultures. Our design can accommodate multiple diverse protocols simultaneously. 

fitFit – With a modular design, the Xvivo System, can be configured to fit any application. It can be configured around the cell protocol, lab space, and budget. Upgrade, add on, reconfigure, or move as needed. There is never a dead end.

AccountabilityAccountability – How can you really produce quality cells if you don’t really know what’s happening to them? How can you prove it? The Xvivo System records everything and can alarm any conditions 24/7. Data logging allows for a complete record of all parameters for each production run.

protect caretakersProtect Caretakers – Meant to be slightly humorous, but nevertheless true, cells can release dangerous viruses, vectors, prions, etc. that can then be transmitted to the technician. Open labs offer minimal protection while the Xvivo System is fully enclosed to isolate the dangerous organisms inside.

Cells are such valuable entities, why risk using any equipment not designed specifically to enhance their success? 

BioSpherix Medical is the only company that recognizes the importance of all these principals and designs their equipment specifically around the needs of cells. 

Learn more about the Xvivo System derived from the Cytocentric Platform™ designed for clinical grade cells.